Why going vegan should be a choice, not a compulsion?

why go vegan

Just when I was about to call it a day, my colleagues came and asked me if I wanted to join them for a cup of tea. Office gossips-can’t refuse-I ain’t no saint!

We all made our share of payments for the tea; however, I went for a cup of hot water.

I don’t seem to recall what I was thinking or what actually went on my mind, but something was unfamiliar. I had this huge sense of empathy for what we-the most intelligent species to walk on this planet have actually done to all creatures who share this abode with us.

It was like I could feel a strong sense of detachment to what I held was right and a strong sense of attachment towards something I have never even thought of before this very moment.

I was looking at the people around me, watching them stuff their sandwiches filled with cheese and butter right into their mouths. I was seeing the proud tea vendor collecting money happily.

why go vegan
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The feeling dawned upon me- animal abuse, injustice, cruelty; everything is so deep rooted and is done openly with such callousness that it doesn’t even feel wrong anymore.

I will not bore you with what’s happening in the dairy industry or how does a fish feels when it is pulled out of her home with a hook stuck to her mouth. I will not give reasons so that you win a debate against some reckless soul living in delusion, comparing himself with a lion. This piece of my heart is not meant to be used as a reference when people bark against global warning while refusing to participate in the most basic solution right in front of them. I refuse to entertain criticism from anyone who can’t sacrifice something petty so as to lessen the ills that have plagued humanity. It is surely not a read for a meek who says that eating plants is equally bad. I only have two words for them – “My condolence”.

The only reason to go vegan

The simplest answer to you wondering why someone would go vegan could be a banal fact that as long as something can be done in a harmless way if a route is available where things can be done while not causing discomfort to any other soul, why would we not choose it?

be a vegan
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See, if we were living in a jungle where survival would have been our first priority, we would have had no other choice but to kill, being a vegan doesn’t mean that you would offer yourself garnished with onions and lemon juice to a hungry lion like a summer salad. It means to be compassionate, wherever you can, I surely doesn’t mean you start thinking with your knees or knuckles.

Let’s say, we stop consuming milk and other species derived products, honey, or leather, we are reducing its demand in the market.

Milking pumps were only generated because the requirement of milk and cheese increased drastically and they needed to automate the process of extraction of milk. If milk requirements are reduced, this automation process would automatically perish. Likewise, if we stop buying fake eyelashes, minks would not be tortured for the same. It involves logic. All we need to do is develop this habit of researching as to where the product we use is coming from.

There is a strong saying “If people would see what happed in a slaughterhouse, they’d all become vegetarian”.

Use the gift of imagination and intelligence to make this place not heaven, but at least worth living for others as well. By being a little cautious, we can stop ourselves, directly or indirectly, from creating a hell for other soul.

The challenges

Preachy meat eaters

I know you didn’t ask but here’s a word of advice, stay away from people who say “you’ve got only one life, eat that ice cream!” Hells yeah buddy, I have one life, and it doesn’t mean we go pissing around a bully’s house who teased you in high school.

Even if we fill our mind with such a thought for an instant dose of dopamine, at the end of the day, we’ve got to pay your bills, we have got to be realistic, we can’t abuse our mean boss and go tell him to shove his orders in his ass. There is always a way to deal with an unwanted situation like a sensible human and not like a vagabond.

stop eating animals
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Should we kill flies and mosquitoes?

Another big dilemma! Is size a factor? Do you hear yourself? Humans have surpassed the time when survival was their first priority. We have landed on the moon. We have captured the images of the black hole. We have Siri to suggest us to take an umbrella because it might rain! Last time I checked, vegans don’t sugarcoat themselves and sit out so that poor ants can have fun. As long as exploitation can be avoided, we should, that’s it.

We are guests here. Do something nice for our mother nature

We are an intelligent race, we are capable of making this place a sweet shell, and ergo it is our moral duty to help Mother Nature in some form or the other. Some go vegan, some plant trees, some feed the strays, some spend vacations cleaning beaches.

It might include a job as small as throwing your trash in the right place. Sadly, some among us have the words “We own everything in this planet” wired so strongly in our heads that we make a mess wherever we go.

Being a vegan has its own perks, you learn to be creative; I have vegan-ized so many recipes. Over the year, followed by some other lifestyle changing habits like that of yoga and meditation, you will feel perfectly healthy and energetic.

For a person who is struggling to lose weight, going vegan is a big help. All the cheese and butter would get deleted from the menu plus it sounds sexy. It’s a point of pride as only a few people have the courage to sacrifice something for the planet keeping in view the long term goals. Only a few have this courage to rise above themselves.

Perhaps if we all start thinking from our “brain” and not our “taste buds”, this world would be so much better for everyone living here. Let this sink in.

go vegan
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