What happened when I stopped consuming and started creating?

stop consuming start creating

While growing up, I always had this cliched perception that the more information I would consume, the smarter I would get. And I had so much of rigidity in me for this belief that even though the path I was meandering on, was not working even the fraction of what I was expecting, still I was in no mood of tweaking my strategies and incorporating some habits of the people who were successful in the field, I was aspiring to grow in.

I firmly believe that, right now in 2020, if anyone wants to do something in any specific field, they need not to, reinvent the wheel. Information is already there on the Internet. 

But consuming information contributes very little to your journey to becoming, amateur to prodigious. 

The secret lies in, “Creating”.

Scrutinize any industry, Music, Dance, Writing, Acting, Sports. The one who is living the life of their dream, enjoying overwhelming fame and reaping all sorts of benefits are actually the one who is creating something which people find value in, for which the people are willing to pay.

Consumers are just mere bystanders, cheering and applauding for the success of the creators and wishing if someday, they too can achieve this sort of success and fame.

A few years back, I read one of the most famous books on self-development, “the subtle art of not giving a fuck”.

To be honest, it was one of the most cliched books I have ever read. No offense to the admirers of the book. It’s because there was nothing new in that particular book which I hadn’t read before.

But there was one instance, where the author talked about, how consumer achieves so little in life and it’s the creators who take away all the limelight and benefits.

And this one sentence really hit me hard and it did change my habit of doing things henceforth. I started focusing on, “Creating” more and more things.

This is how my life started changing for good.

My rate of improvement spiked

I used to listen to Ted talks since my college days, in the hope that it would improve my communication and public speaking skills. And to be honest it did to some extent but it was definitely not substantial.

The real difference I noticed when I joined a Toastmasters club and started taking up roles every week. It was surely difficult in the beginning but the rate by which I was growing as a communicator and public speaker was fabulous.

And it did happen all because I stopped the idea of consuming more and more and started doing or creating things.

At a Toastmasters Meeting

I started making more mistakes

I think it has been said plenty of times already, “the more mistakes you make, the wiser you become”.

The amount of mistakes you make while consuming something and creating something is, relatively a lot more than what you do while consuming.

I mean when you watch a marathon on the television, what mistake you probably can make, guess the winners wrong right?

But when you run a marathon, there is a huge possibility of making mistakes such as getting exhausted early, giving up in between, getting hurt someway, or not adhering to the rules of the event.

These mistakes might bring short term disappointments but if you have this ability to learn from your mistakes and apply the lessons it brings in your subsequent tasks then you will have much more probability of immuning yourself from the setbacks in the future and increase the chances of attaining success.

learn from Mistakes
Photo From Unsplash

My brain became hyperactive

To be brutally honest, all my life I have been a consumer, living in a delusion that one day, just because I am consuming useful things and not feeding my brain with rubbish and toxic contents, I will start accomplishing extraordinary things. But somehow, I never got the substantial proactiveness inside me to do things.

In the beginning, I did learn quite a lot of things, but over a period of time, my consumption habit started making me dull, because I was doing things which were repetitive and monotonous.

“I believe anything which you are doing repetitively is deteriorating your creativity”.

But then this idea of creating rather than consuming struck me, trust me consequently, It made a huge difference in how I do things now.

Now when I work on creating something, be it writing an article or playing a piece on guitar or practicing Indian classical music, there is actually no dull moment. My brain yearns to do more of these.

The proactive Brain
Photo From Unplash

I became more confident

When I retrospect my life, It feels absolutely naive, how I have spent a major portion of my life in an inferiority complex. I used to tremble with fear while talking to strangers and trying new things.

It’s only when I faced my fears and started doing things which I never thought I would be able to do, I started developing some self-confidence.

I still remember the time, when I was playing guitar for the very first time, in front of more than 100 unknown people and I did it with the utmost ease because I was not the same underconfident, inferior guy who would do anything to avoid facing the public, anymore. All the credit goes to my new habit of creating things, much more than consuming.

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