Why inquisitive mind will beat the logical mind any day?

inquisitive mind

Before coming to the comparison, let’s first understand what is the difference between the two.

What is a logical mind?

If put in layman’s terms, a logical mind is something that follows logic. If it will do something, strive and expect to get the desired outcome. Always fear the uncertainty and prefer safety. Will seek pleasure and avoid pain at any cost. Always turn the head in the direction where there are benefits and walk away if there is a loss. 

What is an inquisitive mind?

Basically of curios type. Mostly, it does not think in terms of gain and loss, pain and pleasure. It just does what intrigues it and prefers to keep trying out new things and find new interests. Even if it means there are no desired (or less) gains or outcomes in the end. It is more of a process and experience-oriented rather than the result, or benefit.

Why the latter is better than the former?

Self-understanding or self-exploration

Even though fewer people see this as a priority but definitely it is. One can only make an informed and better decisions if they know themselves to great extent. Almost all the preferences, prejudices, interests, and opinions ‘we carry are byproducts of our social upbringing, which might be right from a society’s point of view but may be contrary when it comes to personal choices

And when we emanate curiosity and try out different things, we kind of break that social pattern that eventually helps us find our true self and the things we are genuinely interested in. 

Because as they say, you never know unless you try and an inquisitive mind, hits the bull’s eye there.

You will be flexible when it comes to life

The majority of us immensely dread the change. We always avoid failures or setbacks by not trying out new things at all, which definitely gives us a sense of security but you must understand that life by its very nature is uncertain. You can never be entirely sure of anything. Anything can happen anytime. And in those moments of uncertainties, the one who is always up for the challenges and has had a wide range of experiences, will handle the situations quite sensibly and efficiently.

Infusing leadership qualities

Before getting into leadership qualities, first let’s understand, whom we can call a leader. 

A leader is not someone who gives orders and blames subordinates if the work is not done as desired. But it is actually contrary, a leader is someone, who leads the way. He or she will be the first one to face the challenges, seemingly acting as armor to subordinates. And when the battle is won, he or she probably won’t take all the credit but rather bestow it to teammates as a token of appreciation.

Precisely, one can only become someone else armor or lead the way if he or she is not easily breakable and has had been through many adversities and eventually came out triumphant themselves.

logical mind
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