Why only self-control is not enough to build or change a habit

Building a habit

What a non-smoker usually advice to smokers who lights up a packet of cigarettes every day? – “You lack self-control buddy. You have to have more control over yourself so you can choose how to pick up a good habit and forgo the bad ones”.

I mean there is nothing wrong with this advice. Self-control indeed is an amazing virtue. But assuming that each and every time your self-control will stop your impulses of doing something pleasurable or not so good activities. This is quite an unrealistic expectation.

Few times it might work but alternate times you will definitely succumb to the situation.

So what is the other solution then? Shouldn’t we strive every day to incorporate good habits and eradicate the bad ones so that we can be the best version of ourselves and have the life of our dream?

Definately, we should.

One thing which I tried over and over again and find useful in shaping my habits is, changing the environment and surroundings in which bad habits are occurring. “Not only outside but also inside the home”.

We always say that the five closest people with whom we spend most of our time shapes our personality, habits, and character but still, we do so little to change what drags us down.

Scrutinizing and altering the outside environment

I mean we have friends and acquaintances in life who take things for granted almost all the time. Who proclaims that life is meant to be lived & have fun but their definition of life and fun revolves only around partying, smoking, and time sabotaging.

And if you think even after hanging out and spending time with them, you still would be able to control yourself when the time of doing something self-sabotaging will comes up, it is most unlikely to happen, trust me.

The first few times you might succeed but sooner you will blend in totally with them and eventually their habits too.

So the best bet is to stay away from them and befriend only those people who teach or inspire you to become the version of yourself. To work hard and accomplish goals, to make yourself and others happy, to develop a conscience, and will power.

Think again, where you most likely to drink alcohol? Sitting at the dinner table with your family or while hanging out with a friend in a bar? Most likely, it will be in the bar, right?

So If you want to break the habit of drinking alcohol then instead of self-controlling yourself every time, rather you should change the habit of going to the bar itself so that it doesn’t trigger the craving for the alcohol.

Instead of suppressing the impulse, we must strive for eradicating the cue.

Organizing the environment for our own betterment inside the home

Lying on the bed but still not feeling sleepy? Ever happened to you? I bet, it must have.

It predominantly happens because we do multiple things on our bed like reading, browsing the internet, watching television, which was supposed to be only for sleeping. This way our brain doesn’t associate bed with just sleeping and have a hard time figuring out what to do after laying on the bed.

To resolve this, we must do specific task at specific places inside the house.

Use bed only for sleeping, the table only for reading, the living room only for entertainment or the balcony only for exercise and meditation.

This way your brain will be more simplified and the moment you will lay on the bed, your brain will most likely trigger the sleep or sitting on the chair will instantly remind you of studying.

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