Which is the best direction to sleep? And why it’s important?

which sleeping direction is best

We all love sleeping a lot. We love this so much that every morning we fight a battle with our alarm clock, just to win and spend some more time sleeping. 

But do you know? when it comes to the quality of sleeping, in which direction we keep our head when in slumber, matters a lot.

Just a mere change in the direction of sleeping can substantially increase or decrease the quality of our sleep. And there is a whole scientific reason behind this claim.

Why sleeping north facing is bad for health?

As we are aware of the structure of our planet, there are two magnetic poles, the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere. And the whole population of this planet either live in one of these hemispheres.

Since I live in India which comes under the northern hemisphere. I must not sleep north facing. The reason being, our blood is made of many compounds and one of them is iron.

Our heart pumps the blood throughout the body but pumping blood to different parts is not the same. I mean pumping blood upwards i.e towards the brain is more subtle than downwards. 

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It is so subtle that by the time the blood reaches inside the brain, it becomes hair like thin. And even the slightest overdose can cause serious damage to the brain.

And since, blood contains Iron and the head is also towards the north which will have high magnetic pulls, so the pole attracts the iron from the blood towards the brain and consequently, the process of high blood circulation inside the brain starts and more blood starts pumping inside the brain than usual.

This reduces the quality of sleep substantially and hence the sleep quota for a person sleeping in the north direction increases drastically and in some cases also the health issues.

And if someone is living in Australia which is located in the southern hemisphere, people there must not sleep south facing.

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Which direction is best for sleeping?

For the people living in the northern hemisphere, the east is the best direction followed by the south. West is ok. And north is absolute No.

The east direction is also the best because the sun rises in the east and it is considered the direction of positive action and vibes. It makes a person rejuvenated and energetic.

For the people in the southern hemisphere, the south is an absolute No. 

All other directions are Ok.

The bottom line

Even though it is not widespread to discuss sleeping direction when it comes to health and wellness but this does matter profoundly.

Science or spirituality both have emphasized enough on the benefits ( if taken care properly) or hazards ( If ignored) of this important yet often disregarded aspect of wellness.

It doesn’t matter what we believe in, Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Hinduism, science, or just a basic understanding of this planet and all its phenomena, but we can’t deny this fact that sleeping direction does matter a lot when it comes overall wellness. And if observed consciously, one can see the substantial difference in their wellbeing.

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