should we buy the idea of “Always think positive”?

Should we always think positive?

More than I can count, I have heard of people saying, we should always think positive no matter what. Any negative thoughts that creep inside our minds are like a poison that would sabotage our thinking and overall wellbeing. 

but is it even possible to think positively almost all the time? or even if we do somehow, does it actually make any difference?

We ought to stop a bit and ask these blunt questions.

If I speak for myself, it is practically impossible to “think positive” all the time. Paradoxically, the more you would try to think positive, the more negative thoughts creep in.

In the same way, the more we try not to think about something, the more it appears before us.

should we not strive to improve our thought process?

The thing is, when it comes to correcting the thinking, thoughts are of almost no significance. It is scientifically proven a human being gets somewhere around 6k thoughts in a day. It is next to impossible to filter out all the negative one and keep only the positive.

Even if you would try to do this, you will spend all your day only doing this. what about all the other important tasks?

Ideally, you should not pay any heed to thoughts at all whether it is negative or positive. Because, if you are appreciating positive thoughts and abhorring the negative ones then you are getting yourself into a vicious cycle of pleasure and remorse.

You must understand that thoughts are fleeting and they would come and go, and if we are attentive enough we won’t be bothered about it. 

Otherwise, thoughts are like trees. One would make you ponder over something and then you pick something up from that (maybe a word, or place, or person, or an occasion) and the next moment you would find yourself thinking about something else, and the chain continues.

But if you are a bit attentive then you can even backtrack the origin (or root) of all the mental chattering you have just done.

What should we do then?

I believe, questioning is the best way to improve the thought process and subsequently creating a balanced and rational mind.

We are always being discouraged from asking questions. Even our education system expects us to answer more rather than asking more of the right questions. But answering might get you good marks or even a better job. But it is “questioning” which will improve your life manyfold.

We are carrying preconceived notions about almost everything. We always want to become someone who answers rather than the one who listens. Until and unless we drop every bit of it what we already know ( or believe) and see the things the way they are ( at least try to do it). And question everything which seems self-contradictory and does not make any sense to you. 

you are never going to be positive. 

If you think getting that promotion, or girl or job, or car, or asset will make you happy. Then ask this question, you have achieved several milestones since childhood. Did those really make you happy? or you started chasing something else? 

If you think, getting a million followers would satisfy you, remember the time when you thought about getting a thousand followers, the same. Did it last?

And if these things really made you happy then you must chase and get it. But thing is, your happiness must not be always in the future, otherwise you will keep running.

Once you start questioning this way, all the conflicts you carry inside will start obliterating one by one. and the effect of it would be long-lasting, unlike social media quotes and motivation.

Always think positive
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