7 smart ways of splurging you won’t regret after doing

Smart ways of splurging

All my life I lived with a notion that “A penny saved is equal to a penny earned”.

And it definitely is. Keeping aside some bucks every month for the shake of the future is surely a commendable skill in itself to incorporate.

But over the years, after many trials and errors, I have reached to this conclusion that not every time we ought to prioritize money over everything else and live in a state of sheer indigence so that we can live a better life subsequently.

Because in the end, what you do in the present is going to determine what your future will unfold.

When it comes to splurging, I find most people are either completely extravagant or very very conservative. The ratio of people in between is quite very low. People also believe that splurging is all about wasting money on worthless pursuits.

I can assure you it is definitely not the case. So let’s dig deep in, what are some smart ways of splurging?

Splurge to increase productivity

We all know this equation, the more productive you are, the more rewards you tend to yield.

So spending money on increasing productivity is not actually an expenditure but an investment. It is one of the smart ways of splurging for which we all should be proud of and hesitate not to do so.

Buy that comfortable table and chair on which you can work comfortably, buy an awesome mattress that can allow you to rest optimally so that the next day you wake up refreshed and all energized to make it even more productive than yesterday.

Purchase a pair of blue lens spectacles so your eyes can be safe after a long tiring day at work predominantly in front of the computer.

These are just examples, you need to scrutinize your day to day life and find out the things which can be improved substantially after investing some resources into it.

Splurge on Productivity
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Spending on hobbies

When I started learning guitar, I bought a guitar of somewhere around 40 $ from a local market in India. It is because, at that time, I was not sure whether I really loved playing guitar or it was just a mere impulse.

But fast forward one year, when I was damn sure about the fondness I had for this instrument. I pampered myself with a branded semi-acoustic guitar. And till the day I love each and every moment I spend playing the guitar.

Splurging money on hobbies is a great way to build a life you will be proud of. If anything excites you, no matter whatever it is, dance, music, drawing, sports, traveling, or whatever. We should never hesitate to cultivate that particular thing or set of things, because, your profession might earn us money and survival but hobbies are something which makes us happy. It is something we can lay on when our day doesn’t seem perfect and the amount of cortisol (stress hormones) releases inside the brain is substantially high. 

Splurge on Hobby
Splurge on Hobby

Splurge on experiences

I spend a huge chunk of money on traveling and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. 

I believe, being born as a human being is a gift because we have this capability of exploring all the different things out there to explore on this planet. So confining ourselves to do the same monotonous things don’t actually make any sense. We ought to strive to gather as much first-hand experience as possible in as many fields as you are curious.

So next time, if you feel like taking on that trip you always wanted to do or doing all those adrenaline activities you have noted in your bucket list, go for it if your budget allows you. 

Because in the end, we all earn to make this life comfortable and exciting. And what is the better way other than doing the things which totally excites you?

splurge on exprience
Splurge on exprience

Splurge on the people you love and care about

Whenever I spend some money to fulfill the wishes of my parents, I don’t know why but I feel utter calmness and satisfaction inside. This is maybe because our parents sacrifice so much for the shake of our happiness and demand almost nothing in return.

But if they don’t demand anything in return, shouldn’t it is our responsibility to fulfill their desires and wishes without asking?. Totally surprise them and see their reaction.

Splurging on People We love
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Splurge on knowledge

Books are magic. I mean the author writes all their knowledge they accumulated after years of research and experience and you can read all those just by spending a mere few bucks. 

Or an online course which creator creates after putting a lot of hours and heart & soul into it. Researching and practicing it countless times before making it looks absolutely perfect and valuable in front of the camera.

Wouldn’t the amount we usually pay is not that much as compared to value it might bring to your life?

Splurging On knowledge
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Splurge on building self-confidence

Many people think that confidence is an innate attribute, either you have it or not.

But that is absolutely not the case, like any other skill, you too can practice self-confidence in many ways and improve it substantially.

There are many facets that contribute to this, like cloths, speaking style, body condition, and many other factors that usually vary from person to person.

You can definitely increase the odds of having self-confidence by spending money on clothes that you really like and feel confident in or by enrolling in a speaking class where you can improve your speaking skills or by purchasing some grooming kit which will make your body more attractive.

Splurging on Self-Confidance
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Splurge on causeless happiness

No matter how much success we achieve, how many things we accumulate, or how many experiences we gather?

If some part of us not thinking beyond “I” then we would never be able to experience what real contentment is. 

To be truly satisfied in life, I believe we must have to do something for the unfortunate ones. It could be anyone, a human or an animal. 

If due to our little empathy and compassion, they are able to survive one more day or fill their empty stomach one more time, then we are definitely justifying the meaning of the word, “Human”.

Your money-saving habit or self-conscious behavior might negate this act of yours and try to make you believe that this is all bullshit and drivel. But it is definitely not. 

Helping someone who is in dire need can never be drivel.

But considering all the scams going around, we definitely have to extra cautious and see if our money or efforts going for the good or not.

splurging on causeless happiness
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